Detailansicht Staatsvertrag

Vertragstyp Internationaler Rechtstext bilateral
Gegenstand 0.97
SR-Nummer none
Vertragsstaat Belarus
Titel Englisch Agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Government of Belarus concerning the cooperation in the event of natural disaster, crisis or serious accident
Abgeschlossen am 12.09.2004
Ratifikationsaustausch 11.02.2005
Inkrafttreten 30.07.2005
Publikation AS n.p.
Sprachen angl., russe
Publikation Botschaft BBL (f/d) none
Gültigkeit The present Agreement is initially intended to run for five years, renewable tacitly from year to year, subject to termination on at least three months' notice in writing given by one or other of the parties.

Type: A = Beitritt, S = Nachfolgeerklärung


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