In most occupations, workers work an eight-hour day, five days a week, for a maximum of 40 hours a week.  However, unemployment and underemployment remain persistent problems

Work permit

Foreign nationals must have a valid Alien Employment Permit (APE) to work in the Philippines. AEPs are issued by the Department of Labor and Employment. In addition, prospective employers must provide documentation to the Bureau of Immigration showing that no suitable Philippine national is available to fill the position. These two requirements make it difficult to find a job. Moreover, wages are low and the paperwork required is complicated and time-consuming.

Foreign nationals who are engaged in trade between their home country and the Philippines or who set up and run a business in the Philippines can apply for a visa under a facilitated procedure. 

Chamber of commerce

The Swiss–Asian Chamber of Commerce (SwissCham) enables businesses to network and prosper in Asia and Switzerland, with a particular emphasis on doing business in Asia and promoting bilateral trade.

Swiss citizens may also contact the Philippine–Swiss Business Council. 

Recognition of educational qualifications

Information on the recognition of academic and professional qualifications is available on the website. The addresses of national information centres (e.g. Swiss ENIC) are also provided. 


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