Mandates over CHF 230'000

Mandates over CHF 230,000 are awarded in accordance with the legally binding procedures and, as of the statutory threshold value, are published on SIMAP, the electronic public procurement platform of the federal government, the cantons and communes.

Threshold values and legal requirements for the granting of mandates

Mandates below CHF 230'000

This list displays service mandates for which it is possible to submit an offer and which have a financial value of less than CHF 230,000. Contractors who are interested in a mandate and who believe they fulfil the qualification criteria in the specifications may submit their offer via email to the address indicated in the list by the given deadline.

Threshold values and legal requirements for the granting of mandates 

Finanznummer (FINCOMP)

Finanznummer (FINCOMP)


Titel des Mandats

Evaluation externe de la phase 1 (01.10.2018 au 30.11.2024) et formulation de la phase 2 du programme

Ort der Durchführung



01.09.2024 – 31.01.2025 (120 jours)

Publikationsdatum Pflichtenheft & EK-Katalog


Interessensbekundigung bis am


Pflichtenheft DE

Cahier des charges – Procédure sur invitation (PDF, 21 Seiten, 622.1 kB, Französisch)


Annexe CAP : Confirmation des critères d’aptitude et documents à soumettre (DOCX, 4 Seiten, 110.7 kB, Französisch)

Eingabefrist Offerte


E-Mail Adresse für Interessensbekundung, Fragen, Offerteingabe  
copie à

Finance number (FINCOMP)

Finance number (FINCOMP)


Title of the mandate

Provincial Support Programme

Place of execution of mandate


Duration of mandate

01.10.2024 to 31.07.2026

Date of publication of ToR


Expression of interest until


Terms of References

Terms of reference – Invitation procedure (PDF, 30 Seiten, 515.3 kB, Englisch)

EC Catalogue

List of eligibility criteria (Annex EC) – Invitation procedure (DOCX, 1 Seite, 63.4 kB, Englisch)

Deadline for submission of offers


E-Mail Address for expression of interest, Questions and Submission of offer

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