The 2022 Federal Presidency: key messages and meetings

Each Swiss president establishes a roadmap to guide them in their representative duties and to determine the milestones for their presidency. Pluralism and innovation are the compass for the journey of President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis. Everything else you need to know about the 2022 Federal Presidency: key messages and meetings of Ignazio Cassis and the history of the five Ticino presidents of the Swiss Confederation.

A burgundy-coloured background depicts a wind rose. To the north is Schaffhausen, to the south Ticino, to the west Geneva and to the east Graubünden.
Pluralism and innovation are the cardinal points of Ignazio Cassis' presidential year. © FDFA

"Geneva, Graubünden, Schaffhausen and Ticino: these are the four points on my compass for the 2022 Federal Presidency. Switzerland is a melting pot of languages, cultures and opinions. We talk, think, laugh and dream in different ways, but we are one country. It is a small miracle, which we can preserve by continuing to shape Switzerland's future together."

Ignazio Cassis

In his opening speech at the ambassadors' conference, Ignazio Cassis emphasised  Switzerland's capacity for innovation and anticipation, as well as its diversity.


The representative duties of the President of the Swiss Confederation take them all over Switzerland and around the world. The latest stops on the President's itinerary – always up to date. 

The United Federal Assembly applauds President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis and Vice-President Alain Berset after the election.

The election

Ignazio Cassis' election speech to the Federal Assembly on 8 December 2021. At a glance: the roles and duties of the Swiss president.

A map of Switzerland shows the route of President Cassis' trip as well as the municipalities that participate in the celebrations.


At the invitation of the Canton of Ticino, a special train left Bern for the Italian part of Switzerland to mark Ignazio Cassis' presidential year.

Flavio Cotti and Ignazio Cassis at the ceremony to celebrate the latter's election to the Federal Council.

The fifth Ticino president

What do Ticino's federal councillors have in common and why is Ignazio Cassis the eighth federal councillor from Ticino but only the fifth to serve as President of the Swiss Confederation.

Last update 01.01.2023

  • The agenda of the President of the Confederation Ignazio Cassis during the year. News and pictures from meetings in Switzerland and abroad.

  • It’s Wednesday, 8 December. The Federal Assembly gathers to elect the President of the Swiss Confederation. Video, images and key messages.

  • Due to the uncertainties relating to the epidemiological situation, the celebration of the election is postponed until summer 2022. On this occasion, a special train will be waiting in Bern to leave for Ticino.

  • Foreign diplomats arrive at the Federal Palace for the traditional New Year's reception with the President of the Swiss Confederation.

  • What federal councillors from Ticino have in common, and why Ignazio Cassis is the canton's eighth federal councillor but only its fifth President of the Confederation.

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