Sustainability, environment, energy, health, education, science, transports and space

The FDFA ensures that the positions adopted by Switzerland are coherent and well-coordinated. © Keystone

The FDFA supports other federal departments in key areas of foreign policy and proactively shares its expertise in this domain.

The role of the FDFA is to safeguard Switzerland's foreign policy interests. The FDFA works alongside other federal departments to ensure that Switzerland is actively involved in international relations and has the right of co-decision in the main multilateral forums. It also contributes to the development of international rules and standards and ensures that the positions adopted by Switzerland are coherent and well-coordinated. With its broad overview of foreign policy, the FDFA can balance interests, develop solutions and identify the scope for compromise between sectors.


The FDFA promotes international cooperation in education and helps raise the profile of dual vocational education and training, a valuable asset to the Swiss economy


Together with SERI, the FDFA ensures that Switzerland participates in multilateral research projects and oversees the network of science attachés and swissnex offices. It is also involved in various science diplomacy activities


The FDFA leads Switzerland's representation in good governance bodies for space-related activities, e.g. at the UN. It participates in formulating the national space policy and assists SERI in representing Switzerland at ESA


Coordination of national and international actors in the area of health; Switzerland has developed its own foreign policy on health

Environment and climate

Aligning interests and viewpoints across the entire federal administration; coherent foreign policy on the environment and climate involvement of Switzerland in international environmental protection committees

Sustainable development

The FDFA is committed to the effective and coherent implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at a national and global level


The FDFA’s role in coordinating Switzerland’s energy policy


The FDFA participates in developing and implementing Switzerland's foreign policy on transport