Diplomatic initiatives

Diplomatic initiatives are campaigns at international organizations such as the United Nations (UN). Individual countries can launch initiatives of their own or support those of other states. Important steps are:

  1. Conceiving a vision or a political mission
  2. Formulating and submitting a draft
  3. Concluding alliances with like-minded states
  4. Seeking discussion with states that do not support the project
  5. Lobbying and cooperation with civil society
  6. Following up the initiative, providing assistance with implementation if necessary.

Switzerland’s successful diplomatic initiatives include:

  • the foundation of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (2006)
  • the resolution on the human-rights situation in Nepal (UN Human Rights Commission, 2005)
  • the resolution on human rights and justice in transition processes (UN Human Rights Commission, 2005)
  • the launch of the Agenda for Human Rights in Geneva (December 2008)