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Travel safely and relaxed with Travel Admin, the FDFA's travel app. The Travel Admin app provides ideal support in preparing a trip. The app also offers useful information and services for people travelling, not only in case of a crisis. But if the crisis does occur, the app can become a particularly valuable tool: The app has proven its worth, for example, in the context of the coronavirus crisis in organising the return journey of blocked Swiss travellers.

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Travel Admin is the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). © FDFA

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It's easy to sign up and enter your first trip abroad. If there's a natural disaster or other type of crisis where you're travelling, for example, the FDFA will know where you are and be able to give you vital information so that you can help yourself.

Prior to your trip, you should also consult the FDFA's travel advice – available directly on the app. Here, you will find information about security-related issues, such as politics and crime, in your destination country. Travel advice is based on an assessment of the current situation and possible risks.

If you've entered your trip in the Travel Admin app, you'll also be notified if the security situation in your destination country deteriorates. You should, however, heed the warnings and instructions of the local authorities in the first instance. 

Good preparation is half the journey

Use Travel Admin's customisable checklists to plan the perfect trip. You can attach copies of important travel documents like your passport and insurance policies to the checklists. The FDFA's regularly updated travel advice is available at the touch of a button and is an indispensable part of any good travel plan. Once you've registered, you can simply enter your destinations as well as your travel companions and an emergency address directly from your contacts list.

Good preparation is key to carefree travel. You can use Travel Admin, the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), for this purpose.

Don't leave home without the FDFA

The app can be a valuable companion when you're on the road

If you're on the app and there's a crisis in your destination country, you'll get push notifications from the FDFA. The app also gives you quick access to the address, contact details and website of the nearest Swiss representation, so you can contact them directly by phone, Skype or email. In addition, the app lists emergency numbers (fire service, police, ambulance) for your destination. Last but not least, the FDFA Helpline is also accessible from the app and can provide you with round-the-clock assistance worldwide. 

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Download the Travel Admin app for free on your smartphone. © FDFA

Download the Travel Admin app for free on your smartphone – for a well-prepared and worry-free trip.

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How can I sign up?

How do I log in to Travel Admin?

How do I enter a trip?

I've forgotten my password

I would like to activate/deactivate push notifications

Go to Settings to activate or deactivate push notifications at any time. 

How long will my trip information be stored on the app?

Once your trip has been completed, the information will be kept for another 90 days; then it will be deleted. 

How long will my personal data be stored on the app?

If your account remains inactive for more than two years, all user data will be automatically deleted. 

How can I delete my user account?

Go to 'Delete user account' under Settings to delete your account completely. 

When will I get push notifications concerning my trip?

You will receive automatic push notifications if there are any changes in the travel advice for your destination country. 

How can I activate push notifications?

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings for a list of available apps.
  2. Tap on Notifications and slide the slider to the right to activate push notifications.
  3. Then select the functions you want to receive notifications for.

For iOS:

  1. Go to Notifications under Settings.
  2. Tap either Show Previews and then Never (to deactivate all push notifications) or scroll down to select notification settings for apps individually. 

Will my location be tracked continuously?

No, only the coordinates that you communicate directly are recorded. Enter your trip in the app and save the address of your destination. Doing this means that in addition to being in contact with the FDFA, you will also be able to notify the FDFA of your location if a major crisis occurs where you are – simply update your location at any time with the touch of a button and press send. 

Where is the travel advice section in the Travel Admin app?

FDFA travel advice: up-to-date information on over 200 countries.

Find out what travel advice the FDFA has for your destination country via the app, and get the best prep for your next trip abroad. 

How do I find my nearest representation abroad?

Find the nearest Swiss representation easily on the app, which has a simple search and map function displaying all of Switzerland's representations abroad that provide services for Swiss citizens. This includes addresses, opening hours, phone numbers and email addresses, as well as the emergency numbers in your destination country (fire brigade, police, ambulance service).

What are the Travel Admin app checklists for?

Don't forget anything with these practical checklists integrated in the Travel Admin app. You can also customise them to fit your personal needs or store documents like passport copies, travel plans and insurance policies.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Travel Admin?

The FDFA Helpline, providing rapid assistance abroad.

Use the Travel Admin app to contact the FDFA Helpline 24/7 via Skype, phone or email. 

How can I add people to my trip?

Enter the trip first for yourself, then add the other people as fellow travellers. 

How can I change my username or email address?

Your username cannot be changed. If you have a new email address or can no longer access your old one, you will have to create a new Travel Admin user account. 

Last update 20.02.2024


+41 800 24-7-365 / +41 58 465 33 33

365 days a year – around the clock 

The Helpline FDFA deals as central contact point with matters relating to consular services.

Fax +41 58 462 78 66

vCard Helpline FDFA (VCF, 5.6 kB)


Phone free of charge from abroad with Skype

You will receive an error message if the Skype application is not installed on your computer or smartphone. If such a message appears, please proceed to install it right off, simply by clicking on the following link:
Download Skype

Skype: helpline-eda

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