Travel safe and relaxed with the new Travel Admin app 3.0

It could be armed conflict, an earthquake or an accident – even Swiss nationals can find themselves in an emergency situation when travelling abroad. In such cases, the FDFA's Travel Admin app has proven to be a useful tool. The new, extra user-friendly Travel Admin app 3.0 is now available. The FDFA recommends that travellers update their Travel Admin app or – if they have not already done so – install it, register and enter trips abroad directly in the app.

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Travel Admin is the travel app of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA. © FDFA

How the Travel Admin app can be of use

If a crisis occurs while you are travelling abroad, the FDFA can inform you about the current security situation on the ground and any options for leaving a crisis area if you have made use of the option to register and record your trip in the Travel Admin app. The app also gives you instant access to the address, contact details and website of the nearest Swiss representation, enabling you to contact it directly by phone, Skype or email. The app also enables you to access the emergency numbers of the country in which you are travelling (fire brigade, police, ambulance) directly from your mobile phone's home screen – worldwide! You can share your journey details with your own contacts at the touch of a button and easily update your current location at any time while travelling.

Lastly, the FDFA Helpline is also accessible from the app, offering round-the-clock consular assistance worldwide. 

Plan well and travel safely

Whether it's a business trip to Singapore, a beach holiday in Italy or trekking in the Himalayas – an unforgettable trip starts with being well prepared. The free Travel Admin app 3.0 now makes it even easier for you: just complete the easy registration process, then you can enter your trip, fellow travellers and personal emergency contacts. The app also provides travel checklists that you can customise and assign specifically to your trip.

FDFA travel advice

When preparing for your trip, consult the general travel advice as well as that for your travel destination (available in German, French and Italian only).

The FDFA's country-by-country travel advice provides safety and security assessments, focusing on the areas of politics and crime, provide an assessment of possible risks and recommend certain precautionary measures when travelling abroad. The FDFA recommends that persons travelling abroad consult the travel advice before their trip. This information can be accessed at the tap of a finger on your app or can be subscribed to.


Rega – a new partner

In order to offer users an optimal service, the FDFA works together with various partners in the Travel Admin app, including existing partners Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) and Swissinfo (news and information platform from Switzerland), and now also Swiss Air-Rescue Rega. The charitable foundation, which is firmly anchored in the Swiss population with 3.6 million patrons, helps with medical problems abroad. Each year, Rega's medical consultants help around 2,500 people in a medical emergency abroad by telephone or arrange for them to be transported back to Switzerland. The Rega crews fly 1,000 patients home each year aboard their three ambulance jets. 

The Travel Admin app – proven and now improved

Since its launch by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis at Zurich Airport in 2019, the FDFA has continued to develop its Travel Admin app. The app has since proved very successful, for example, during the events in the Middle East in October 2023, the Travel Admin app allowed Swiss travellers blocked in the region to be informed efficiently and directly about available flight capacities to leave the country.

Are you ready for your trip?

As set out in Article 5 of the Swiss Abroad Act, you are personally responsible for the preparation and undertaking of a stay abroad. The new Travel Admin app 3.0 helps you to fulfil that personal responsibility. In the area of consular protection, the federal government can provide assistance to Swiss nationals in emergencies abroad, provided they have already made every effort to help themselves.

For a well-planned trip: install the latest version of the Travel Admin app on your smartphone, register yourself and your fellow travellers in the app and record your trips. Now you're ready to go! The FDFA wishes you a safe and relaxed journey.

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