School system

Compulsory schooling exists in all states, but the US education system is extremely decentralised. In some states, large parts of the responsibility are delegated to local school districts. Compulsory education is also provided by many private schools, which are often church institutions. Compulsory education usually consists of 5–8 years of elementary school and 4–7 years of high school. Tuition at public schools is free of charge. Compulsory education at public schools is financed almost exclusively by the public purse. Vocational apprenticeships like those in Switzerland do not exist in the US. Vocational training is largely integrated into high school education, where pupils are free to choose from a wide range of subjects.

International schools

In the big cities there are good international private schools which follow in part the term times and syllabus of their home countries. 


University education is very diverse but also costly and is supported by many private institutions (companies, foundations, etc.) in various ways (scholarships, endowments, legacies, gifts, etc.). 


Innovation and Partnerships

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