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Swiss Peace Supporter 2/2016

The current issue of SPS throws a spotlight on the crisis of Europe's security architecture with analyses and articles about expert deployments in the hotspots in Ukraine and the South Caucasus. Other topics include the security sector reform as part of the peace process in Mali and the significance of human rights in the migration flows in southern Europe.

Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2016

Swiss peace support 2 2016

This edition is dedicated to the subject of prevention – in terms of health and security – for people working in peacebuilding missions. For these experts involved on the ground, both physical and mental factors are important to maintaining a healthy balance between work and free time, and to carrying out missions successfully. This edition also looks at the issue of gender within the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and the experience of the OAS in demobilising the different armed groups in Colombia.

Swiss Foreign Policy strategy 2016-19

The strategy sets out the Federal Council's priorities and areas of special interest in foreign policy. Its strategic objectives for the 2016-2019 legislative period include consolidating and regulating relations with the EU and the EU and EFTA countries, working more closely with global partners, expanding mediation activities in the field of peace and security, and pursuing the commitment to sustainable development and prosperity.

Dispatch on Switzerland's International Cooperation 2017–2020: Key points in brief

The short version of the dispatch indicates the areas where the Federal Council has set its priorities in international cooperation for the period 2017–2020 – for a world without poverty, living in peace, and for sustainable development. The areas concerned are humanitarian aid, development cooperation, economic and trade policy measures in the context of development cooperation, transition cooperation in Eastern Europe, and the promotion of peace, human rights and security.

Swiss Peace Supporter 4/2015

The edition features the theme dealing with the past, a field where Switzerland has been actively involved since 2000. Colombia, Kosovo, Chad are only three examples of countries where Switzerland is working to fight impunity and prevent atrocities. The end of this year also marks the deployment of the 10,000th peacekeeper by the Swiss Armed Forces.

Swiss Peace Supporter 3/2015

This new issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of the founding of the journal Swiss Peace Supporter. To mark the occasion, this edition revisits the biggest milestones in the journal's history. Serving and retired specialists recall their rich field experience and the difficulties they encountered, and review the challenges ahead.

Swiss Peace Supporter 2/2015

This issue focuses on the implementation of Resolution 1325, which is devoted to the participation of women in peace processes and was adopted 15 years ago. It contains accounts by Swiss experts on the challenges that lie ahead and the wide-ranging fields of activity affected by the issue of gender in conflicts – whether in police, civilian or military missions.

Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2015

This edition focuses on the development of conflicts and the new challenges for peace support. You find articles on conflicts linked to the extraction of raw materials, military peace promotion in the Middle East, and the role of non-state organizations. In addition, the other sections in this publication provide you with a unique insight into the work of our specialists.

The Human Rights Council: a practical guide

This publication provides an overview of the functioning and working methods of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. It explains the structures, procedures and mechanisms, taking care to illustrate each point with examples drawn from practice. This publication is also intended to bring together the different sources of information on the Council, in particular those available on the internet.

Object 25 – 36 of 54