Bilateral relations Switzerland–Mauritania

Relations between Switzerland and Mauritania are good, albeit not very extensive.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland has defined a strategy for sub-Saharan Africa for the period 2021–24.

In the Sahel region, Switzerland focuses primarily on promoting peace, the respect for international humanitarian law, the bolstering of basic services, and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Switzerland recognised Mauritania in 1960 and established diplomatic relations in 1961. In 1976, the two countries concluded a trade agreement, an investment protection agreement, and an agreement on economic and technical cooperation. Yet trade has remained limited.

Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy 2021–24 (PDF, 3.1 MB, English)

Treaty database

Measures to promote peace and human security

Switzerland maintains regular bilateral technical exchanges with Mauritania on the prevention of violent extremism, and participants from Mauritania are regularly involved in Switzerland's regional activities on this topic in West Africa.

Swiss citizens in Mauritania

According to statistics on the Swiss Abroad, 22 Swiss citizens were living in Mauritania at the end of 2020.