Peace and human rights

Hand of a child appearing behind the barbed wire fence of a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in North Darfur
To enable the largest number of people to live free of fear and from need is one of the priorities of Swiss foreign policy. © UN Photo/Albert González Farran

Promoting human security is about protecting individuals and the community. Peacebuilding, human rights, democracy, humanitarian policy, migration and combating human trafficking are among the concerns of human security efforts. Switzerland’s foreign policy places a high value on promoting human security.

An instrument of foreign policy

Switzerland places a high value on human security, “freedom from fear” and “freedom from want”

Peace policy

The peaceful co-existence of peoples is an objective of Switzerland’s foreign policy; Switzerland endeavours to prevent conflict and find peaceful resolutions to disputes through peace programmes, mediation, dealing with the past and election observation


Preventing human trafficking and exploitation; helping find sustainable solutions for refugees and internally displaced persons.

Human rights policy

Human rights influence Switzerland’s domestic and foreign policy, UN human rights treaties and states’ reports serve as a basis

Human trafficking

Switzerland's and the FDFA's commitments and initiatives to combat human trafficking