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In Cuba, the SDC is promoting renewable energies: “The biogas plant is the heart of my finca”

Switzerland in space: Cutting-edge research and high-tech solutions – for everyday life

Switzerland is at the forefront of international space travel. Hardly a space mission takes place nowadays where Swiss expertise is not present. Space travel is also an essential part of everyday life. The brochure gives examples from research, industry and daily life showing the importance for us of space travel and Switzerland’s involvement in it.

Swiss Peace Supporter 3/2016

The illegal arms trade and human security are the themes of this edition with a specific focus on the new Arms Trade Treaty, the UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons, and the secure storage and destruction of weapons and munitions. Switzerland supports all efforts in this area, especially in those regions where the uncontrolled handling of weapons is threatening security and stability.

Mine Action Strategy of the Swiss Confederation 2016-2022

Switzerland is committed to a world without anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war. The strategy sets out the Federal Council's areas of focus and priorities. This commitment is part of Switzerland's foreign policy priorities.

Communication for Development: a practical guide

No development cooperation without communication: The new manual explains the basic concepts and provides practical methods for systematic planning of communication for development.Case studies from 24 SDC-countries show the wide range of applications: from behavior change to political participation and with methods from community theater to video documentation and much more.

Object 97 – 108 of 472