Platforms abroad

Switzerland is present at various international events, for example the Swiss pavilion at the London Olympic Games in 2012. © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

Switzerland’s participations in major international events such as World Expos and Olympic Games have a very favourable impact on its image abroad. In collaboration with the Swiss official representations abroad, Presence Switzerland also supports and implements specific communications projects in other countries.

Swiss Pavilions at World Expos and Houses of Switzerland at Olympic Games

World Expos and Olympic Games are important representational platforms for Switzerland. They play a major political, economic, scientific and cultural role in promoting the transfer of knowledge and enabling networks to be created and intercultural exchanges to take place. These major events reach out to a broad public and strengthen Switzerland’s image abroad through focusing on specific themes.

Two coming major events are the House of Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Sochi in Russia in 2014 and the Swiss Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan in 2015. 

Many partners but a single presence

The success of a major international event not only depends on co-ordination but also the many different forms of support for the project both in Switzerland and in the host country concerned. As an official body, Presence Switzerland has a wide network and the necessary skills to bring together various actors from politics, business, academia and cultural circles.

Each strategy is developed in close collaboration with other federal services which intervene at the international level in Switzerland’s international communication, with the partner organisations concerned, such as Swiss Tourism, Swiss Olympic, OSEC, or Pro Helvetia, as well as with Switzerland’s representations abroad. The implementation of major projects also depends on co-operation with the private sector which is playing a growing role in their financing.

Projects of communication abroad

The aim of the projects of communication abroad is to present the priority issues of the strategy of communication abroad. In order to do so, contents are developed by Presence Switzerland in the form of programmes and also for platforms associated with events adapted to each country. A range of standard events dealing with priority issues (thematic soirées and public, debates, for instance) is put at the disposal of Switzerland’s representations abroad.

These programme contents and events make it possible to reach a relatively high number of opinion leaders in the world of politics and business.

Presence Switzerland also uses interactive means of communication, such as the social networks, in the framework of Switzerland’s participation in major organised events or for projects and programmes of specific communication.