Bilateral relations Switzerland–Andorra

Because of their similar history, economic development and geographical position, relations between Switzerland and the Principality of Andorra have traditionally been very good and cordial.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

The good relations between the two countries are reflected in mutual experience-sharing, particularly on tax and financial matters. Andorra and Switzerland also work closely together within international organisations such as the United Nations and the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). The Principality of Andorra is present in Geneva with a permanent mission to the United Nations, which also covers work with other international organisations.

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Economic cooperation

In 2016, trading with Andorra amounted to CHF 6.1 million. The Andorran Chamber of Commerce ranks Switzerland as one of Andorra’s main trading partners.

Because the two countries have large financial sectors that have come under considerable international pressure in recent years, they have shared expertise in this area. In order to implement an administrative assistance provision in conformity with a new international norm, the two countries signed a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) in March 2014. This agreement came into force on 27 July 2015.

Swiss nationals in Andorra

According to the Statistics on the Swiss Abroad, 87 Swiss citizens were living in Andorra at the end of 2016.

Statistics on the Swiss Abroad

History of bilateral relations

Switzerland and Andorra established official relations in the 1960s upon the conclusion of an agreement on the free movement of persons on 30 November 1961. In 1979, Switzerland appointed a consular correspondent to Andorra la Vella to support the Swiss consulate general in Marseilles. 

On 25 August 1993, after Andorra had adopted a new constitution, the Federal Council recognised the Principality as a sovereign and independent state. Responsibility for Andorra was soon transferred from the Swiss consulate general in Marseilles to the consulate general in Barcelona. This change in consular relations was made following an exchange of letters on 1 November 1993 and 22 April 1994. 

In 1995 the Federal Council decided to establish diplomatic relations with Andorra. On 16 November 1995, the first Swiss ambassador was accredited to Andorra, with residence in Madrid. Since then, the Swiss ambassador in Madrid has been in charge of diplomatic affairs, but consular affairs are still managed from the consulate general in Barcelona.

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