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Dispatch on Switzerland's International Cooperation 2017–2020: Key points in brief

The short version of the dispatch indicates the areas where the Federal Council has set its priorities in international cooperation for the period 2017–2020 – for a world without poverty, living in peace, and for sustainable development. The areas concerned are humanitarian aid, development cooperation, economic and trade policy measures in the context of development cooperation, transition cooperation in Eastern Europe, and the promotion of peace, human rights and security.

The SDC contribution : Report on the result of Swiss international cooperation 2013–2016

The report ‚The SDC Contribution‘ aims to inform about the results of our work and the challenges we faced in realising the goals adopted by the Parliament in the framework of the Dispatch on Switzerland’s International Cooperation 2013 – 2016. It illustrates results with concrete examples which contribute to worldwide poverty reduction.

How an SDC funded project successfully introduced local democracy in all villages and communes of two vietnamese provinces

Switzerland and the European Union

The brochure «Switzerland and the European Union» provides an overview of the work and functioning of the EU as well as its formation and evolution. In particular, it also informs about Switzerland's relations with the EU, the bilateral agreements and the challenges for Switzerland's European policy in the coming years.

SDC Culture and Development Policy: An overview

The brochure explains briefly SDC policy on culture and development, showing how the SDC takes the cultural values of its partner countries into account in its development policy, and how it promotes cultural diversity.

Food secuity: An SDC global programme

The Global Programme Food Security advocates for a world free of hunger and malnutrition where smallholders produce enough nutritious food, in an economic and environmentally sustainable manner. It represents Switzerland in multilateral organisations. In cooperation with the private sector, research institutions, and civil society, it contributes to long-term food security.

Retombées économiques de l'aide publique au développement en Suisse - Etude 2014

An independent study, conducted on 2014 data, confirms that official development assistance (ODA) which aims to reduce poverty and to support economic and social development in partner countries also has positive effects on the economy and on employment in Switzerland. The calculation of the economic repercussions of ODA is carried out at regular intervals in response to a postulate issued in 1981.

Object 133 – 144 of 471