Air strike on a funeral in Yemen: FDFA calls for strict compliance with international humanitarian law

Press release, 10.10.2016

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA condemns the air strike on a funeral on Saturday afternoon in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, that claimed the lives of 140 and injured a further 500.

The attack was one of a series of serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights that are occurring with alarming frequency in Yemen. The FDFA is concerned about the regular disregard for the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law by all parties involved in the fighting and the high number of civilian victims. The FDFA reminds all parties of their obligation under international humanitarian law to take measures to protect the civilian population and non-combatants, and to minimise the impact of the conflicts on the civilian population. It is for reasons of respect for international humanitarian law and for lasting reconciliation that the investigation of such events by an independent party are of crucial importance.

A political solution to the situation in Yemen is needed to ensure a lasting peace. For this reason, Switzerland supports the work of the UN special envoy, Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed. Only with an immediate ceasefire together with the resumption of the UN-facilitated peace talks can the unnecessary loss of human life in Yemen be stopped.

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