FDFA Head Ignazio Cassis to meet US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in Washington

Press release, 05.02.2019

Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis will meet US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton this week in Washington. The meetings will be an opportunity to discuss current international political issues, such as the recent developments in Venezuela.

The two leaders will also review the preliminary talks on a prospective free trade agreement between Switzerland and the US. Other topics on the agenda for meetings with Mr Bolton on Wednesday and Mr Pompeo on Thursday include Switzerland's representation of US interests in Iran and the Swiss policy of good offices in other parts of the world.

On Wednesday Mr Cassis will have a working breakfast with representatives of Swiss companies operating in the US. He will also meet with members of the US Congress to discuss economic relations between the two countries and opportunities for collaboration in vocational education and training.

Swiss-US bilateral relations have been shaped by strong historical, cultural and personal ties. More than one million US citizens have Swiss roots. The two countries have shared values such as democracy, liberty, a market economy and legal certainty. The US is Switzerland's second-largest trading partner and by far the leading destination for Swiss foreign direct investment. Given these shared interests and Switzerland's foreign policy priorities, collaboration between the two countries is strong and intensive.

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