Video on Switzerland's human rights strategy

Article, 09.12.2016

A short film on the FDFA Human Rights Strategy 2016–19 is now available, providing a 10-minute long overview of Switzerland's efforts to promote respect for human rights.

A woman sits with a group of children on steps in front of a house.
Human rights issues are becoming increasingly complex. ©

Human rights are a major factor in most situations and political crises. Despite a substantial legal framework, there is inadequate respect for human rights worldwide. Authoritarian states and protracted armed conflicts are breeding grounds for violent extremism, which is at an all-time high and is contributing to increasing migration flows. Human rights issues are becoming increasingly complex and non-state actors are playing a greater role.

This film clip on the FDFA’s strategy presents a collection of interviews with human rights actors and key partners for Switzerland in the implementation of its policy on human rights. Government representatives and representatives of international organisations, civil society and the private sector approach human rights from various perspectives, but they all agree on one thing: respect for human rights is an indispensable condition for security, lasting peace and truly sustainable economic development. Promoting human rights helps safeguard Switzerland’s foreign policy interests as a whole.