Peace promotion and human security: new framework credit

Berne, Press release, 30.06.2011

In yesterday's meeting, the Federal Council decided that it wishes to further its measures to promote peace and human security. It has requested from Parliament a new framework credit of CHF 310 million over at least four years, starting in 2012. CHF 50 million are earmarked for a special North Africa and Middle East programme. This will enable Switzerland to continue - and where necessary to strengthen - its high-profile policy of peace promotion, human rights, and democracy as well as its migration policy.

Peace promotion and human security are central aspects of Swiss foreign policy. The concept of human security makes the safety of individual human beings and their protection against political violence, war and arbitrary treatment a strong priority. As such, Switzerland contributes to solve global problems whilst strengthening its own security. With its good offices, mediation efforts and peace consolidation measures, it supports conflicting parties and helps prevent, alleviate or end armed conflicts. Its involvement in human rights aims to promote these rights both in bilateral and multilateral contexts and to improve the human rights situation in specific states where these rights must be strengthened. Through its diplomatic initiatives, Switzerland is working actively for the universal application of global regulations, for example for the abolition of the death penalty, human rights compliance of private security companies and against armed violence, which impedes development.  

In recent years, Swiss diplomats and experts have made important contributions to peace processes in Nepal and in the Caucasus. Switzerland has moreover received various mediation and facilitation (mediation support) mandates from Europe, Africa and Asia. These successes further Switzerland's humanitarian tradition and its policy of good offices. They also contribute significantly to Switzerland 's good image and strengthen its relations with international partners.

By means of the new framework credit for the years 2012 to 2016, Switzerland aims to use its advantages and its know-how to make a lasting contribution to the settlement and prevention of conflicts, to strengthen human rights with targeted and practical measures, and to support democratic and constitutional structures.

The new framework credit for the period 2012-2016 will enable Switzerland to make long-term contributions to support the resolution and prevention of conflicts, to strengthen human rights, and to establish democratic and rule-of-law structures in fragile states or those in transition.

The Federal Council Dispatch to Parliament on the new framework credit focuses on six thematic areas, concentrating on areas and countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Near and Middle East, and Latin America that are of particular interest to Switzerland. A special programme for North Africa and the Middle East aims to help consolidate the democratization process initiated during the 2011 popular uprisings in this region. This programme is run jointly with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Switzerland is now implementing its North Africa policy involving a whole of government approach which was decided in March 2011. 

Close coordination between the various foreign policy instruments and common strategies help to create synergies between peace promotion and human security, development policy, humanitarian aid and military contributions to peacekeeping. 

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