Contribution of Switzerland to the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC (last modification, the 11.03.2011)

Berne, Press release, 11.03.2011

Today, the Federal Council announced a host state contribution of CHF 70 million for the ICRC for the current year. This support is provided from the credit facility of the Humanitarian Aid of the Confederation.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is the most important partner of the Confederation in the sphere of international humanitarian aid. In terms of the total contributions made in 2010, Switzerland is the second important donor to the ICRC, which has always been closely related to the Swiss Confederation, especially since Switzerland is a depositary state of the Geneva Conventions. 

The contribution enables the ICRC to fulfil is challenging responsibilities to those most seriously affected by crises and conflicts. The ICRC coordinates these missions from its Geneva headquarters, with 80 delegations worldwide.   

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 Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA


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