Switzerland to support the United Nations Development Programme

Berne, Press release, 12.10.2011

The Federal Council has today approved the allocation of CHF 54 million in support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the year 2011. UNDP is one of Switzerland’s main multilateral partners.

UNDP’s mandate is to help developing countries strengthen their capacities as well as define and implement their development policies through focusing on their specific needs. UNDP, which is present in 166 countries, is one of the principal actors of international development policy and one of Switzerland’s main multilateral partners. Switzerland is a member of UNDP’s Exective Board.

The fight against poverty is UNDP’s top priority. At the national level, it supports developing countries in formulating policies to benefit the poorest population groups and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It also helps governments develop their negotiation capacities in the area of international trade. At the local level, UNDP works with administrations and local communities in improving their management and planning capacities.

UNDP also plays an important role in strengthening democratic governance, conflict and  disaster prevention and reconstruction, as well as in the area of environmental protection and climate change. 

Switzerland is an active member of UNDP’s Executive Board, in particular on questions concerning the efficiency of UNDP programmes. It closely follows UNDP’s work in those countries where its focuses its own development-cooperation efforts, especially fragile states and those emerging from conflicts. In these countries UNDP is a fundamentally important partner in the implementation of development programmes of donor countries in general and Switzerland in particular.

Having kept its general annual contributions to UNDP from 1999 to 2007 at CHF 52m, in 2008 Switzerland raised the level to CHF 54m.

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