Major Earthquake off the Coast of Chile. Switzerland aids Chilean Victims

Bern, Press release, 02.03.2010

Only slowly did the full scope of the severe earthquake that struck Chile emerge. On Monday following additional damage assessment, the Chilean authorities decided to request international assistance to provide certain rescue and survival services. The Swiss Humanitarian Aid has for now allocated CHF 300,000 for emergency relief measures.

On Saturday, 27 February 2010, immediately after the severe earthquake had struck, the Swiss Humanitarian Aid set up an operations centre, and dispatched a regional Rapid Response Team from Bolivia and Peru to Santiago to conduct an appraisal of the situation and initiate emergency relief measures. The three-man team arrived in Chile on Monday and began conducting an initial damage survey in the disaster area on Tuesday. 

Chile has well trained capacities for crisis management at its disposal. Today, the Swiss Humanitarian aid complied with the request of the Chilean authorities to receive the assistance of Swiss experts, offering to make available the services of four experts in the domain of building damage assessment and security.  

The operations centre in Bern is also in close contact with the Swiss Embassy in Chile. At present, additional forms of support are being evaluated.

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