Meeting between the head of the FDFA and Kofi Annan

Bern, Press release, 03.09.2009

Today, Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey received the former UN Secretary-General and Nobel peace prize winner, Kofi Annan, for talks in Bern.

The discussions focused on action for peace and security, the effects of climate change, and development cooperation. The possibility of cooperation was also discussed. Mr Annan works through the Kofi Annan Foundation in particular for the interests of poor and vulnerable people in Africa, and is active as a mediator in conflicts in the continent. Among other things, he was successful in finding a settlement to the conflict that broke out in Kenya in 2008 between the President and the Opposition following the elections.  

During this visit, talks also took place with the FDFA Political Affairs Division IV, Human Security. The Division is concerned with promoting peace and human rights and in developing policy on migration and humanitarian issues.   

In the last few years, Switzerland has been actively involved in resolving a number of different conflicts, including the peace processes in Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Colombia and the Near East.

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