Communication Management

The specialist service Communication Management is responsible for the SDC's public information and communication activities in Switzerland and abroad, as well as for communication within the SDC. In order to ensure a consistent information policy, this specialist service works closely with FDFA Communication, whose remit covers all aspects of Switzerland's foreign policy.

Communication Management is responsible for communication relating to humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Its goal is to provide targeted information on the role and work of the SDC and to raise awareness of Switzerland's international cooperation activities under the current International Cooperation Strategy 2021–24.

Communication Management is a specialist service responsible, among other tasks, for responding to enquiries from the public, managing communication with partner organisations, overseeing day-to-day communication activities, developing the SDC's editorial and visual communication tools, and providing advisory services to SDC staff on presentations and communication-related topics.

Communication Management informs the public about Switzerland's humanitarian operations and development cooperation as well as the work of the SDC via the website, social media channels and various publications. These include the magazine "One World", the podcast "A Plus for Humanity", and the annual report on Switzerland's international cooperation that is published jointly with SECO (EAER).

Communication Management works closely with FDFA Communication as well as with various external partners in Switzerland and abroad.