Multilateral Affairs and NGO

The Multilateral Affairs and NGO Division is responsible for coordinating engagement with multilateral organisations and Swiss NGO.

The Multilateral Affairs and NGO Division is the SDC's centre of excellence for multilateral development cooperation and humanitarian aid, as well as for engagement with Swiss NGO active worldwide.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Swiss International Cooperation Strategy form the framework for cooperation with selected UN organisations, international development banks, networks and NGO.

Solving global challenges requires increased cooperation among states in multilateral bodies, respect for agreed norms and values, and the commitment of the relevant UN organisations, international financial institutions and internationally active NGO.

Its tasks include:

  • Steering and managing strategically the core contributions to UN organisations, international financial institutions, networks and NGOs in humanitarian affairs and development policy.
  • Strengthening the effectiveness and good governance of global humanitarian aid.
  • Upholding Switzerland's commitment to international humanitarian law and its principles, in particular the protection of the civilian population in armed conflicts.