Stronger Municipal Structures and Increased Cooperation

Proyecto terminado
Local council members in Kukës, North Albania, during a training on the new public administration law.
Local government representatives in the northern Albanian region of Kukës participate in a training session. © FDFA

Since 2010, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), together with the Council of Europe supports a project for strengthening local governments in Albania. The "Strengthening Local Government Structures" project aims to increase cooperation between municipalities, improve human resources management and include to a greater extent local governments in national decision-making processes.

Región/País Tema Período Presupuesto
Estado de derecho - democracia - derechos humanos
15.08.2012 - 30.06.2017
CHF 2'740'000

Strengthening Public Administration at Local Level

SDC is supporting Albania in its transition to a democratic state. In this line, establishing a meritocratic and professional administration remains high in this development and European integration agenda. The following project objectives have to be met by mid of 2017.

  • Personnel management in local administrations is structured more efficiently and transparently. Human resources managers receive training from qualified specialists in implementing the new law on public administration ("Civil Servant Law"). Municipal services are consequently better oriented to citizens' needs.

  • Establish a consultation procedure and promote exchanges between local governments and central authorities. In this way local concerns should be taken more into consideration in decision-making at the national level.

  • Enhance the management qualities of young politicians, civil servants and citizens while ensuring adherence to the principles of good governance. 

Strong Educational and Training Components

As part of the project, the SDC provides financial support to the Albanian Academy of Political Studies where 120 young leaders in politics and public administration are currently trained. The subject matter includes EU law, political communication, strategies for resolving conflicts and the integration of minorities in the political process.

Albanian Academy of Political Studies has been supported in training of the first time voters jointly with the Central Election Commission and Ministry of Education in informing them on voting procedures and participation in political decision making.