Department of Economic Affairs and Communication

The Department of Economic Affairs and Communication with the Public Diplomacy Division is responsible for the promotion of Switzerland’s interests in the areas of economy, business, innovation, digitalization, sustainability, science in New York and its other consular districts (New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

The department organizes various events with public and private partners throughout the year based on priorities of Switzerland's Strategy for Communication Abroad 2021-24 .

The Department of Economic Affairs and Communication works with the Swiss Business Hub, Swissnex, Switzerland Tourism, the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce and other partners to build relationships between companies in Switzerland and the US. A sustained dialogue with a broad array of stakeholders on topics of common interest and concern is an essential part of Swiss diplomacy worldwide.

Representatives from the Department of Economic Affairs and Communication regularly meet with members of the community and give presentations on Swiss topics to companies, student groups, and the media.

The Department of Economic Affairs and Communication manages social media and engages Americans and Swiss interested in news about Switzerland, Swiss events in New York, and Swiss-American relations. You can follow us on our Social Media Channels to hear about our latest projects and activities: TikTokFacebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn etc.  and subscribe to our newsletter SWISS PULSE.

Furthermore, the department handles all media inquiries and manages press relations with American journalists and Swiss correspondents in New York.

Contact the Department of Economic Affairs and Communication

Joachim Tomaschett
Deputy Consul General and Head of Public Diplomacy

Rosina Colazzo-Franzese
Lead Communications Officer and Senior Project Manager

Jessica Püntener
Media and Communications Manager

Christine Schilliger
Project Manager, Public Diplomacy and Visa Officer

SwissTech: The swisstech campaign is a private-public initiative supported by Presence Switzerland, Innosuisse, the swissnex network, digitalswitzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise. The campaign aims to raise Switzerland's profile as a world-leading innovative location for business and to increase the visibility of its deeptech and other state-of-the-art companies as well as of its research excellence abroad. 

FinanceSwiss: The portal brings together the latest information on the Swiss financial centre in one place, primarily for an international audience. The platform was designed as part of the Swiss federal government’s policy for an internationally competitive financial centre, and is a key pillar of the Federal Council’s strategy on Switzerland’s communication abroad.