Public Diplomacy

The Consulate General of Switzerland in New York maintains a Public Diplomacy Division, which is organized into two teams with different areas of expertise: the Department of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Department of Culture and Education.

The Consulate’s Public Diplomacy work is guided by Switzerland's Strategy for Communication Abroad 2021-24.

Please consult the respective pages for detailed information and contact details. 

Department of Economic Affairs and Communication

Responsible for public relations, liaising with Swiss companies and community outreach in New York.

Department of Culture and Education

Facilitates and promotes exchanges and cooperation in all areas of the arts, culture and education.

For Media Inquiries

For inquiries and interview requests, please reach out to the following contacts:

Swiss Media & Correspondents: Mrs. Rosina Colazzo-Franzese, Lead Communications Officer

US Media: Mrs. Jessica Püntener, Media and Communications Manager