Swiss Events on the West Coast

The Department of Culture and Education provides and distributes materials on Switzerland in various languages and gives information on the cultural scene in Switzerland. It encourages cooperation with American institutions in a variety of projects in the entire West Coast of the United States (in film, arts, music, literature, etc.). It organizes public events on anniversaries and special occasions relevant for Switzerland. It keeps in touch with its interested public through the electronic newsletter "Swiss Events in the Greater San Francisco Area", its website, and its social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).

Our activities include:

  • Promoting Swiss cultural events and projects through our monthly newsletter and social media channels;

  • Providing advice and expertise for networking opportunities and potential partnerships with cultural institutions in our consular district;

  • Engaging in project partnerships on a case by case basis;

  • Organizing public events on anniversaries and special occasions relevant for Switzerland;

  • Offering educational materials in various languages with information about Switzerland and Swiss culture. 

We work closely with a number of other Swiss government and public/private entities such as: 

Social Media:

Further information about the projects we have recently been involved in can be found on our Facebook and Instagram (swissconsulate_sf) channels.

Our Events Calendar:

You can subscribe to the Events Calendar highlighting cultural events related to Switzerland in the West Coast of the Unites States of America, here

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Contact the Department of Culture and Education:

Ms. Jale Yoldas  (innovation, film, literature, arts, design, music, anniversaries, spoken word events)

Cultural and Public Diplomacy Officer

Mrs. Carmen Archouniani (Francophonie, social media)