Group exhibition 'The Arcadian Dream'

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Sunday, 14.04.2024 – Sunday, 19.05.2024


Group exhibition 'The Arcadian Dream'
Group exhibition 'The Arcadian Dream' © SPURS Gallery

SPURS Gallery presents the group exhibition “The Arcadian Dream,” opening on April 14, 2024. Curated by Thomas Stauffer, Partner at leading private art dealership and art advisory firm Gerber & Stauffer Fine Arts, the exhibition presents works by a total of 13 artists including two Swiss artists Alina Kopytsia and Diego Kohli.

“The Arcadian Dream,” the title of the group show is inspired by the book “The European Dream” by star economist and writer Jeremy Rifkin.

The European dream can be interpreted in many ways, and we want to locate it in the romanticized sense of a place of longing and bliss or as an Arcadian dream. Europe has been a place of desire and a source of inspiration and poetry for travelers, writers, musicians, and artists in particular for many centuries. But this idealized and dreamy image of Europe, which we know so well from novels and historical travel literature, is juxtaposed in the real world with disruption and impending chaos surrounding the “Old Continent.”

In the context of the current social, economic and disruptive tensions in Europe, the exhibition presents a selection of outstanding artistic positions ranging from portraiture to landscape paintings, in dialogue with each other. All the artists represented in the exhibition live and work in Europe, many of them with a migration background.

Date: April 14–May 19, 2024

Place: SPURS Gallery, D-06, 798 Art Zone, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Location: Beijing