Swiss Wine & Chocolate tasting followed by a thrilling movie

Thursday, 06.10.2022 – Thursday, 06.10.2022

Movie; Event for Swiss nationals who live abroad

Poster Alphaville
Poster Alphaville © Athos Films Athos Films

Lemmy Caution, a secret agent from the Outlands, arrives in Alphaville on a  special mission – to kill the dangerous scientist Professor von Braun and destroy his creation, an all-seeing, all-controlling computer named Alpha-60. Passing himself off as a journalist named Ivan Johnson, Caution finds himself in a severely totalitarian world where all thoughts are closely monitored and any show of emotion is a capital offence. He gains the confidence of the professor’s attractive daughter Natasha, with whose help he succeeds in gaining admission to Alpha-60’s inner sanctum. It is here that the secret agent learns the terrible truth about Von Braun. The professor is convinced that all of the Outside Worlds are a threat to Alphaville and must be destroyed…

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Date: 06.10.2022

Time: 07:00 pm - 09.30 pm

Venue: Amphitheatre at the Asia Society in Admiralty

Location: Asia Society Hong Kong Center