Section of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Education

Tasks and objectives

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong can act as a connector between scientific and educational institutions in Switzerland and Hong Kong in order to facilitate collaborations between universities and other scientific institutions. We are also keen to assist entrepreneurs and Swiss startup companies who wish to develop their business in Hong Kong focusing on finding investors, an incubator/accelerator or who are looking for a co-working space in either a private or one of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

Please contact Winnie Kan, Culutural and Communications Commissioner, for more information or for individual requests by email or by phone +852 3509 5000

We have set ourselves the following tasks:

  • Science & Technology: Contribute to the conception and realisation of cooperation programmes. Promote contacts and the exchange of ideas between science institutions, universities, scientists, entrepreneurs and startups. Strengthen the cooperation between Switzerland and Hong Kong in research and innovation in all fields;

  • Higher Education: Contribute to the conception and realisation of education exchange programmes. Promote contacts and the exchange of ideas between education institutions, universities, schools and education policymakers. Attract adequate students to pro-actively study in Swiss universities and support Swiss students in Hong Kong

We concretely work in these areas:

  • Organize a yearly Swiss university alumni networking event with the objective to connect Swiss and Hong Kong scientists, business people and students with each other;
  • Logistically support Swiss students in Hong Kong (also with promotional material for student fairs, etc.);

  • Advise Hong Kong students who are going to Switzerland for a study exchange

  • Organize events and give talks at universities with the objective of boosting cooperation and developing Switzerland’s image as an innovative country;

  • Organize visits for Swiss student classes in the field of business, entrepreneurship and innovation;

  • Support Swiss universities to establish new chapters and foster existing chapters in Hong Kong;

  • Facilitate contacts to investors, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, governmental organisations and policy makers for Swiss entrepreneurs/start-ups in Hong Kong;

  • Collaborate with swissnex China in fulfilling their tasks in science, technology and innovation