AWOL («Absent Without Leave»)

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Samstag, 13.03.2021 – Mittwoch, 30.06.2021

Performance; Tanz

Malika Fankha
Malika Fankha © TimTom

AWOL («Absent Without Leave») explores synergies between humans and nature’s mystical creatures and explores the significance of sensuality on an analogue, spiritual and virtual scale. Coproduced by brut and Tanzhaus Zürich, Malika Fankha created 3 music videos for AWOL and takes us into a world of elves, trolls and other hybrid beings who challenge our thinking in stereotypes and duality due to their queer, volatile essence. In the course of imagetanz 2021, brut publishes the first music video of a series that will be resumed at a later date.

Eine Koproduktion von FANKS, Tanzhaus Zürich und brut Wien / imagetanz 2021

Videos online ab 17.3.2021

Ort: und brut‘s social media Kanäle