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NGO and Partnership Fund in Slovenia

Un gruppo di bambini gioca in un orto scolastico biologico in Slovenia

01.04.2010 - 31.12.2014

The NGO Block Grant strenghtens civil society in Slovenia, and the Partnership Block Grant gives the opportunity to exchange knowledge and expereinces among Swiss and Slovenian entities.

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Acquisition of equipment for radio-therapy within the University Clinical Centre Maribor

un uomo taglia un banda

01.01.2010 - 31.12.2015

The project aims at increasing the capacity and enhancing the access to oncological therapy through the realisation of a Department of Radiotherapy at University Medical Centre Maribor. The project will increase the share of radiotherapy treatment of cancer, reduce waiting periods for radiotherapy and improve the treatment comfort of patients from the north-eastern part of Slovenia with shorter transport and near to home care. Switzerland will contribute to the financing of the two linear accelerators.

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Scientific Exchange Programme (Sciex) Slovenia

01.04.2009 - 31.12.2016

The Scientific Exchange Programme between the New Member States and Switzerland, for short, has given over 500 young researchers from new EU member states the opportunity to complete a short-term residency in Switzerland to further their research.

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Technical Assistance Fund

01.12.2008 - 30.09.2016

The bilateral Framework Agreement foresees the possibility of utilizing a maximum of 1.5% of the total allocation to cover certain management costs in the beneficiary country. The technical assistance will support the submission of qualitative projects, transparent processes, and a good visibility of the Swiss Contribution in Slovenia.

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Renewable Energy across the Alpine Land

Worker in the heating room of Bled primary school

25.10.2010 - 30.09.2015

The Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska Region improved the energy efficiency in 12 public buildings and introduced renewable energy systems as a source of electricity and heating. The goal to minimize the consumption of energy in public buildings where the energy consumption costs are high could be achieved. The public buildings are used by many inhabitants of the region. Therefore the change of energy or heating source in these buildings is also useful for the promotion of renewable energy.

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Promozione delle energie rinnovabili nel Litorale sloveno (Primorska)

Schüler mit Eco-Modellhaus

01.10.2009 - 31.08.2015

A tutt’oggi in Slovenia l’energia «verde» proviene quasi esclusivamente dalle centrali idroelettriche. Questa situazione è destinata a cambiare: la Svizzera ha promosso nel Paese un progetto che punta su altre energie rinnovabili. Lungo l’autostrada una barriera antirumore è stata dotata di celle fotovoltaiche, mentre in 29 edifici pubblici, riscaldati finora a olio combustibile, è stato installato un riscaldamento a biomassa. Inoltre, in 12 di questi edifici è stata migliorata l’efficienza energetica.

Paese/Regione Tema Periodo Budget
Proteggere l’ambiente
Efficienza energetica ed energie rinnovabili

01.10.2009 - 31.08.2015

CHF  3’680’000

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Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program

01.09.2008 - 31.12.2014

Despite major reforms by the New EU Member States to their legal and regulatory frameworks governing corporate sector accounting and auditing, there is a substantial unfinished institutional development agenda in the field of financial reporting. The Financial Reporting Technical Assistance Program provides support to five national administrations (in Slovenia as well as in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Poland) which face capacity constraints and challenges in fully implementing,  both in law and in practice, the very demanding obligations imposed by the rapidly-evolving acquis communautaire in this field.

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Project Preparation Facility (PPF)

01.08.2008 - 14.04.2012

The Swiss Contribution to enlargement aims to finance a broad variety of projects. The PPF provided the necessary financial assistance to enable Executing Agencies to submit high quality project proposals. This was especially important in the case of complex projects.

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