SUPIC – Support to the Parliament in Cambodia

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Established only in 1993, the Parliament in Cambodia is still a weak institution. Strengthening the Parliament, representing increasingly the interests of their constituencies will be a key driver for promoting equitable development and sustainable poverty reduction in Cambodia. Switzerland – through support to the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia - strengthens the Parliament to adopt effective mechanisms to fulfil its legislative, representative and oversight functions.

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Partecipazione democratica e società civile
Politica del settore pubblico
01.02.2014 - 28.02.2017
CHF 2'950'000

High economic growth in Cambodia is accompanied by growing inequalities, widening gaps and increased social tensions. Strengthening the Parliament in Cambodia is important for enhancing the representation of citizen’s voice and interests at national level. The two-tier Parliament of Cambodia is still a young institution that has yet to gain the capacity to fulfil its mandate. The Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC) emerged as an independent NGO out of several projects aiming at building the capacities of the Parliament. In the first phase, SDC supports the Parliament through PIC.



The Parliament of Cambodia adopts effective mechanisms to fulfil its legislative, representative and oversight functions and is recognised by Cambodian citizens as a legitimate institution that promotes and protects their interests.

Gruppi target

Elected Members of Parliament, Parliamentary Commissions, Secretariats of both houses, and through them the people of Cambodia.

Effetti a medio termine

Parliamentarians have increased capacity to provide input into draft legislation

Parliamentarians have improved their representation function

Parliamentarians have increased capacity to fulfil their oversight role at the sub-national level

The Secretariats of Parliament have increased capacity to provide services for Parliamentarians

PIC is recognised by Parliament as a capacity development centre in legislative and democratic development support, and as a partner of Parliament and their Secretariats

PIC is an accountable and efficient organization



Risultati principali attesi:  

  • Research products, expert hearings and public consultations on subjects and issues requested by Parliamentarians.
  • Staff of the Secretariats of Parliament is trained in research and other skills related to functioning of Parliament.
  • PIC’s M&E system is strengthened


Risultati fasi precedenti:  

Several projects (UNDP, CIDA, Sida) supported the capacities of the new Parliament in Cambodia in the past. In the opening phase, SDC mandated a study on lessons-learned from previous projects. Key lessons include:

  • Delivery of demand driven research products linked to support for outreach and consultation activities are an effective way to increase Parliamentary capacity.
  • For the new Parliament in a still weak governance context, a program approach, independently based outside the Houses of the Parliament, is more effective than project based activities inside the Secretariats.


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Coordinamento con altri progetti e attori

Support to the parliament provides a strong synergy to SDC’s support to the Sub-national Democratic Development program (SNDD). SDC will work in close partnership with SIDA (planned support by SIDA until end of 2017). SDC and SIDA will coordinate their activities incl. on the technical support by Swiss and Swedish Parliamentary Services and Members of Parliament.

Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   2'950'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   2'676'565
Fasi del progetto Fase 2 01.05.2017 - 31.03.2021   (Completed)

Fase 1 01.02.2014 - 28.02.2017   (Completed)