Mission of Switzerland  to the United Nations Office and to  the other international organisations in Geneva
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The Permanent Mission of Switzerland ("the Swiss Mission") has a dual role matching two main aspects of Switzerland's foreign policy, as a Member State and as the Host State to international organizations. The Head of the Mission is Switzerland's Permanent Representative (PR) to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

Switzerland in international organizations

As a Member State, Switzerland works with international organizations and institutions of International Geneva. Switzerland's PR at the Conference on Disarmament also acts as head of the multilateral division (contact).

The Mission works closely with the relevant federal authorities to define, defend and promote Switzerland's priorities with international organizations. Switzerland is committed to a strong and effective multilateralism, capable of responding to global challenges in a number of areas, including:

In addition to international organizations, the Multilateral Division maintains and develops links with NGOs, the private sector, academia and think tanks. These different players all contribute, each in their own way, to making Geneva a city that works for the world.

International organizations in Switzerland

As a Host State, Switzerland helps strengthening Geneva as a center of global governance, home to some 40 international organizations and the Permanent Missions of some 180 governments. Under the leadership of the Deputy PR, the Host State Division provides a wide range of services to the international community residing in Switzerland, as well as to the many visiting delegates.

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  • Privileges and immunities (contact)
  • Immatriculation of international staff (contact)
  • Safety and general affairs (contact)
  • Real estate and framework conditions (contact)
  • Visas for international Geneva (contact)
  • Cybersecurity (contacts)

The Swiss Mission also serves as a diplomatic channel as per the Vienna Convention between Permanent Missions and international organizations and the Swiss authorities. It is actively supported by its institutional partners, the authorities of the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud, as well as the City of Geneva.

Other partners include the International Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI), and the Fondation pour les immeubles des organisations internationales (FIPOI).


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