Governance and Peacebuilding

The overarching objective of the domain Peace, Protection and Democratic Institutions is to promote a peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, ensure respect for international humanitarian law, foster human rights and strengthen democratic governance while also addressing the consequences of the conflict.

The convergence of peacebuilding, humanitarian aid, protection and support for governance reforms is a new feature of this Swiss Cooperation Programme.

Dialogue, diplomatic efforts and projects, including through seconding experts to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in support of the Minsk process, contribute to respect for international humanitarian law anda peaceful resolution of the armed conflict.

Switzerland supports an inclusive delivery of public services that address the needs of vulnerable groups (socially unprotected people, low mobility groups, the elderly, parents with children, and the conflict-affected population) by strengthening democratic institutions and effective public management, including in the government-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine, fostering citizen and particularly women’s engagement, promoting respect for human rights and delivering targeted humanitarian assistance.

This contributes to recovery, enhanced state-citizen relations and social cohesion in Ukraine in support of SDG 16.

The domain Peace, Protection and Democratic Institutions will be funded with CHF 43,9 million for the period 2020–23.

A young woman places a folded ballot paper in the ballot box.
The objectives of the SDC include supporting fair and transparent elections, for example in Tunisia. © SDC

The objective of governance is to create an environment that strengthens rule of law and human rights, gender equality, appropriate distribution of power and macro-economic stability. Governance is a strategic objective of SDC development cooperation.

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