Quality Improvement for Paediatric Intensive Care

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The project was aimed to improve the quality of paediatric intensive care in Romania by creating a training program for Paediatric Intensive Care, improving the training capacity of training centres and the recruitment of paediatricians for the training program of emergency departments.

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01.03.2014 - 29.02.2016
CHF  488’651

Paediatric Intensive Care units (PICU) in Romania are mainly run by Anaesthesiologists who are trained for adult care. A subspecialisation of intensive care for other disciplines does not exist. Only larger hospitals can afford having paediatricians work in PICU additionally to the Anaesthesiologists. Thus, most PICUs in Romania do not benefit from specialist paediatric care, but base their services on adult care principles. 


Romanian children benefit from improved health outcomes following paediatric intensive care services
Purpose: Paediatricians who passed the "Atestat" program on paediatric intensive care deliver high quality PICU services based on international standards. The intermediate outcomes are:

  • Regional training centres deliver a two year paediatric intensive care program with “Atestat” according to Romanian regulations and adapted to EU standards (ESPNIC)
  • PICU patients benefit from high quality services provided according to locally implemented Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG), which correspond to international standards
Gruppi target

Romanian paediatric and intensive care health professionals

Attività The EA conducted a training needs assessment, a review of training curricula in collaboration with the EU efforts of ESPNIC and organised a training of trainers event to upgrade the capacity of Romanian training centres.  Clinical Practice Guidelines were updated and, where necessary, developed corresponding to West-European standards. Outcome oriented project progress monitoring were done through an M&E system, following the defined indicators.

Risultati raggiunti:  

  • In partnership with the University of Geneva, a specialisation program for paediatric intensive care was developed. A curriculum with 5 training modules aligned with the European Association of paediatric intensive care was developed and approved by Romanian Ministry of Health.
  • Training of Trainers were conducted with 26 intensive care experts from the 7 nominated training centres. An additional 50 persons where trained for special skills.
  • All training centres have been equipped with manuals, books and training equipment
  • Checklists were developed for quality of care assessment and were approved by the Romanian Ministery of Health

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