Where to apply for a national visa?

My place of residence My visa application should be submitted to
Jordan  Embassy of Switzerland in Amman

Application for a long stay visa (visa D) (PDF, 3 Pages, 410.9 kB, multilingual: English, Arabic)

There are different types of long stay visas, e.g. family reunion, student, work, international organizations, general residence. Some long stay visas are preapproved by the Swiss authorities and can be collected using a simple process at our Embassy. Other long stay visa applications will need to be initiated at the Swiss Embassy in Amman.

You must schedule an appointment by phone.

Feel free to contact us via email at amm.visa@eda.admin.ch with questions in regards to long stay visas.  

If you do not permanently reside in Jordan, Syria or Iraq, the Swiss Embassy in Amman is not responsible for issuing a visa. Exceptions can only be granted upon reasonable explanation as for why the visa was not applied for at the Swiss representation responsible for your domicile.

For other foreigners than citizens from Syria and Iraq living in Jordan: To find out if you need a visa to travel to Switzerland, please consult the provided link of the Federal Office for Migration on the bottom of the page. If you know that you need a visa to travel to Switzerland, please consult the information sheet “visa requirements”.

International Organizations (UN, WHO, IMO etc.)

Any internship or employment (less than 90 days as well as more than 90 days) at an international organization in Switzerland requires a visa. Please contact us via email for more detailed information on how to obtain the visa (amm.visa@eda.admin.ch).