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Position, 24.01.2020

Future of health industry 

So what is the future of the health industry? If you read my recent post you should know that this question is very important to us. This year, here at the Swiss Embassy in Israel, we focused on the topic of Digital Health and the future of the health industry. Last week we had the honor of hosting an event entitled “Switzerland - Your Digital Health Market Entry to Europe”.  

I would like to thank Ulrich Muehlner, Jonathan Battegay and Levi Shapiro for organizing this exceptional event. We had the unique opportunity to listen to fascinating presentations by Amit Safir, Noah Klein, Ori Geva, Ziv Yekutieli, PhD, Pierre Jäger, Matthias Heuberger and Yves Nordmann. For more information about our activities around the future of the health industry, check this short video below and visit this website.