Public holidays

Official holidays of the Embassy of Switzerland in Canberra and the Consulate General of Switzerland in Sydney
Please note that the Embassy in Canberra will be closed on the following dates: 
01.01.2019 Tuesday  New Year's Day 
02.01.2019 Wednesday  St. Berchtold's Day 
28.01.2019 Monday  Australia Day 
11.03.2019 Monday  Canberra Day 
19.04.2019 Friday  Good Friday 
22.04.2019  Monday  Easter Monday 
27.05.2019  Monday  Reconciliation Day 
30.05.2019 Thursday  Ascencion Day 
10.06.2019 Monday Whit Monday
01.08.2019 Thursday  Swiss National Day 
07.10.2019  Monday  Labour Day 
24.12.2019  Tuesday Christmas Eve 
25.12.2019 Wednesday Christmas Day 
26.12.2019 Thursday Boxing Day
31.12.2019 Tuesday New Year's Eve
Please note that the Consulate in Sydney will be closed on the following dates:
23.10.2019  Wednesday  Staff training 
24.12.2019 Tuesday  Christmas Eve 
25.12.2019 Wednesday Christmas Day 
26.12.2019 Thursday Boxing Day 
31.12.2019 Tuesday  New Year's Eve 
01.01.2020 Wednesday  New Year's Day 
02.01.2020 Thursday  St. Berchtold's Day 
27.01.2020 Monday  Australia Day 
10.04.2020 Friday  Good Friday 
13.04.2020  Monday  Easter Monday 
21.05.2020 Thursday  Ascencion Day 
01.06.2020 Monday Whit Monday
08.06.2020 Monday  Queen's Birthday
05.10.2020  Monday  Labour Day 
24.12.2020  Thursday Christmas Eve 
25.12.2020 Friday  Christmas Day 
28.12.2020 Monday Boxing Day
31.12.2020 Thursday New Year's Eve