Tender Announcement: Apostolove Water Supply Planning (WSP)

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Local news, 02.10.2023

The Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine (WASH, Reconstruction and Energy Unit) is looking for offers through a public open tender for the work for the project Apostolove Water Supply Planning.

Apostolove Water Supply Planning is the systematic water supply planning for Apostolove Hromada (in Dnipropetrowsk Oblast) – meaning for Apostolove town and all villages and settlements within the perimeter/area of the responsibility of Vodokanal Apostolove. The project is the design of a new water supply network including hydraulic calculations, finance aspects (billing, tariff system, auto-financing for operation costs and investment costs, etc.) and establishment of GIS/database and hydraulic calculation systems/tools and applications for water supply for Apostolove Vodokanal. 

Project timeframe: 18.10.2023 – 22.12.2023 (8 weeks).

Latest Date for submission of tender: Wednesday, 11.10.2023, 17.00 Kyiv Time.

Tenders to be submitted in paper format by post or in person to the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine: (12, Kozatynska St., Kyiv): 1 Hard-Copy Printout in sealed envelope marked: "Tender Apostolove WSP". And in electronic format by email to: patrick.galli@eda.admin.ch and artur.projectconsult@gmail.com.

Tender documents to be asked for at: artur.projectconsult@gmail.com.

Questions addressed to: artur.projectconsult@gmail.com and patrick.galli@eda.admin.ch

The tender documents are not subject to any costs/fees. No costs/fees will be paid to any company/actor for participation in the tender process nor for submitting a tender/offer.