Swiss Cooperation Strategy Ukraine 2011 – 2014 at a Glance

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2011 – 2014 renews Switzerland's commitment to support Ukraine’s transition process towards improved living conditions for citizens, effective public services, and sustainable economic growth. This Cooperation Strategy will focus on a limited number of thematic domains where Swiss expertise is available and where effective and useful contributions can be made: reproductive health, local governance and public services, financial and economic sustainability, and sustainable energy management.

Overall Goal

Switzerland supports Ukraine in the transition process to improve the living conditions of its citizens, provide effective public services, and promote sustainable economic growth.

Domains of Intervention

Local Governance and Public Services

Reproductive Health

Financial and Economic Sustainability

Sustainable Energy Management

Gender and Governance as Transversal Themes

Domain Goals

Improved access to public services that meet the needs of the population and are delivered by local governments with increased competence and capacity.

Ukraine supported in achieving the adapted MDGs 4 and 5, thereby significantly improving maternal and infant health until 2015.

To build better economic framework conditions to improve crisis resilience, employment and market opportunities in the private sector.

To contribute to better living conditions, sustainable economic development, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine.

Swiss Contribution





Improved access to quality public services (water supply, solid waste management, residential energy efficiency) in selected rayons/ municipalities/villages.

Local governments in selected  rayons/municipalities/villages have improved their planning, budgeting and management capacities for public service delivery in cooperation with civil society organizations and the private sector.


• UNDP/MGSDP II, 2010-2012

• DesPro II, 2010-2012

• DesPro III, 2013-2014

• Council of Europe / capacity building for local governance; 2011-2013

Pregnant women and newborns of 4 Oblasts have greater access to good quality and efficient RH/perinatal health care services.

Men and women of reproductive age are aware about sexual and reproductive health, rights and services, use them and adopt healthier lifestyles, in particular during pregnancy, in pilot oblasts.


• Swiss TPH, Swiss Ukrainian Mother and Child Health Programme II 2011-2014
• Comprehensive Care for Unwanted Pregnancies CCUP I+II 2011-2014

• Unicef, MCH promotion project 2011-2014

Effective and efficient resolution mechanisms for non-performing loans are developed, the insolvency process is streamlined and public finance management is improved.

Business enabling environment and market opportunities for SMEs are improved.


• IFC/Residential Energy Efficiency, 2010-2012

• Unido / Cleaner Production Centre 2011-2013

• Chernobyl Shelter Fund

• Municipal heating infrastructure project Vinnitsia

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and financial mechanisms are introduced in the residential, communal and business sectors of Ukraine.


• IFC, Ukraine Crisis Response Programme 2010 -2012

• Organic Standard Certification Project II, 2011-2013

• TA of IFIs (IMF/WB) for FIs/NBU


CHF 9 million

CHF 8 million

CHF 12 million

CHF 20 million