Hostage-taking at the Turkish consulate in Mosul: statement by the FDFA (last modification, the 12.06.2014)

Bern, Press releases, 12.06.2014

The FDFA strongly condemns the violations of international law and acts of violence currently being committed in Iraq, and expresses its concerns about the political and humanitarian impact of this crisis.

The FDFA condemns in particular the attack carried out by the "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" against the Turkish consulate in Mosul and the abduction of its staff and members of their family. The Swiss authorities have expressed their solidarity with Turkey and are appealing to the kidnappers to immediately release the consul and all other persons that have been abducted.

In the face of large movements of people who have been terrorised by the current events in Iraq, the FDFA is calling on all those responsible – whatever their status – to adhere to human rights law and protect civilians without discrimination during their operations.

Switzerland is committed to respecting the territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria.

The FDFA will continue to closely follow the security situation in Iraq.

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