Swiss Film Club: 'Bonjour Switzerland'

Thursday, 01.08.2024 – Monday, 05.08.2024

Watch it online on the Swiss National Day!
Watch it online on the Swiss National Day! © Image & Sound

In celebration of the Swiss National Day, watch the comedy BONJOUR TICINO (2023) by Peter Luisi. 

Synopsis: A referendum throws Switzerland into a state of emergency. Switzerland shall from now on only have one national language: French.
In consequence, many German- and Italian-speaking Swiss are in a state of crisis. Among them is fifty-six-year-old Walter Egli, who works for the federal police and has to ensure that the transition to monolingualism is carried out properly. Although he speaks little French himself, he is sent to Ticino with a French-speaking partner to uncover a Ticino resistance group that is fighting the new law by any means necessary.

[2023, fiction, 88min., Swiss-German with English & French subtitles]


    August 1-5
    Online, availabe in Canada and the Bahamas

Location: Online: Canada, the Bahamas