Opportunity for New Business Ventures for Three Serbian Manufacturing Companies

Local news, 06.11.2023

Within the Swiss-supported SME HUB project, the first three Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have started their transformation process to become suppliers of multinational companies. These pioneers are: Uniplast from Uzice, Marking from Cacak, and Adore from Belgrade. The total value of these transformations amounts to approximately CHF 300’000.

First three SMEs to start their transformation process within SME HUB project
First three SMEs to start their transformation process within SME HUB project ©SME HUB

Thanks to the SME HUB, Uniplast, a long-standing candidate for collaboration with Bosch, will have the opportunity to become so after undergoing a necessary transformation process. Plastic components for windshield wipers of the multinational company Bosch will be available in the overseas "aftermarket." With this collaboration, the Serbian company will step outside its manufacturing framework and enter an entirely new market in the automotive industry.

Another local company entering the transformation process is Marking from Uzice. This company is certifying its new product, thereby expanding its business partnership with the Swiss multinational company SIKA. Simultaneously, it will continuously work on reducing its environmental impact. Based on this collaboration, Marking is launching an entirely new production facility.

The third transformation process focuses on Adore, a local chocolate manufacturer. Adore will work alongside Bambi on a joint product, which includes the fusion of high-quality chocolate and Plazma biscuits, a brand for which Bambi is recognized not only in Serbia but throughout the region.

In the first three months of these transformations, intensive work will be done on the performance of SMEs and their business operations to align with the requirements of multinational companies in Serbia. Subsequently, the SME HUB will ensure monitoring and assessment over a period of one year in order to determine the degree of success of these transformation processes. After this period, complete readiness of Uniplast, Marking and Adore is expected to result in signing new contracts with multinational companies.

The SME HUB project, worth over CHF 7 million, is a result of a public-private partnership between the Serbian company ICT Hub and the Swiss Government, represented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Swiss Government is contributing CHF 6.2 million to this intervention that will be implemented for the next five years by the ICT Hub.