Application for Patronage and the use of the official logo

Guidelines to apply for endorsement of events and projects

Official anniversary logo

Switzerland and South Korea will commemorate the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations in the year 2023. To celebrate this special jubilee and promote friendly relations and exchange between the two countries, an official logo was selected through an exchange project involving designers from both countries. The logo will be used throughout 2023 for anniversary events.

A jury composed of design experts and government representatives from both sides chose the design created by Balmer Hählen, a Swiss design studio based in Lausanne. They transformed the representative flowers from the two nations – Edelweiss of Switzerland and Mugunghwa (Hibiscus) of the Republic of Korea – into two flower friends walking side by side with their arms around each other. Balmer Hählen’s humorous and fresh approach to these natural symbols won over the jury’s heart. 

Official logo for the 60th anniversary of Switzerland-Korea
Official logo for the 60th anniversary of Switzerland-Korea © Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea

Use of the logo

The anniversary year is a special year to celebrate Swiss-Korea relations and the official anniversary logo will help connect and provide visibility to events throughout the year. The logo can be used in all activities showcasing Swiss-Korean friendship in 2023 if conditions are met. All institutions, event organizers and individuals who would like to join the celebrations through their events can apply for usage of the logo.

Events and projects in all fields (arts and culture, science and education, business, sports, tourism, design, architecture, politics, etc.) must promote friendly relations and exchanges between the two countries.

If an application meets all the listed requirements and is accepted, a patronage for the logo will be granted. The organizers of the endorsed events are entitled to use the official logo and information on endorsed events will be listed in the official event calendar of the "60 Years Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and South Korea".

Eligibility for endorsement

  1. The event/project should take place mainly between January and December 2023 in South Korea or both in South Korea and Switzerland.
  2. The event/project should aim at promoting Swiss-South Korea exchange in various fields (arts and culture, science and education, architecture, sports, tourism, economics, politics, etc.), encouraging mutual understanding and strengthening the friendship between Switzerland and South Korea.
  3. The content and objective of the event/project should be clear and practically feasible.
  4. The objective of the event/project should not be to advocate any particular principle, ideology or religion, any political activity or election campaign and must not violate public order or standards of decency.
  5. Financial responsibility of the event/project should be fully borne by the organizer.
  6. The organizer of the event should submit the application form (cf. below, application procedure).

Privileges of endorsed events

  1. The organizers of endorsed events/projects are entitled to use the official logo in publicity materials (i.e. posters, pamphlets, website, signboards, banners, publications etc.).
  2. Endorsed events will be listed on the official calendar of the Anniversary Year on the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea and, if practicable, in other PR material for the anniversary.

Application procedure

  1. Necessary documents
    (a) application letter (PDF, 1 Page, 630.4 kB, English) 
    (b) supporting documents clarifying the content of the event including its financial plan
  2. Form of application Submission of application documents via

Decision on endorsement

Screening of applications will take approximately one month.

Results of the decision will be sent to the organizer. After signing a written agreement in regards to the aforementioned guidelines, endorsed events will be provided with the logo as digital data along with the guidelines for the use of the logo.


  1. Organizers of endorsed events/projects must submit all publicity material with the official anniversary logo prior to printing for review (in accordance with the logo guidelines, cf. point 3 above "Privileges of endorsed events").
  2. Organizers of endorsed events/projects will bear the entire responsibility for their implementation including financial costs and public advertisement. The Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea will bear no responsibility for any consequences related to the event/project.
  3. Should the event/project be cancelled or a substantive change be made, the organizers are required to promptly inform the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea of the relevant circumstances. In case of substantive changes, the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea reserves its right to withdraw the endorsement.
  4. Organizers of events may not use the logo in other events hosted by the organizer without appropriate authorization.
  5. After the event organizers are requested to submit a brief report (in free form) on the event including some photos to the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea. Contents of the report may be referred to on the website of the Anniversary Year.

For more information on anniversary programs, please visit our official website