NICOLAS HENRI Photo Exhibition

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Friday, 02.08.2019 – Saturday, 24.08.2019


Wohnkomplex 11
Reliquien © Nicolas Henri

Born in Zurich and trained in Toronto, Swiss photographer Nicolas Henri is active in Switzerland, in Germany and now in Japan with solo and group exhibitions. This Tokyo show presents two of his photographic series. "Wohnkomplex 11" is the outcome of a 2011 road trip across the former areas of socialist Eastern Germany during which Nicolas Henri has intended to capture the ghostly remains of working districts built until the 1980s and since then deserted. A smaller series of peculiar still lifes, "The Cabinets of Wonder" was inspired by the mysterious feeling
experienced when one nds closed boxes, cabinets or chests in an attic or a cellar which have not been opened for a long time.

info: Tosei sha

Location: Gallery Tosei, Tokyo