Management of healthcare systems, control of epidemic diseases, and sexual and reproductive health

Themes of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2017-2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina © FDFA












  • All citizens have access to good quality and affordable health care services.
  • Ministries of Health successfully implement primary healthcare reforms.
  • Healthier lifestyles for all!


Expected results in 2020:

  • High quality mental health centers cover 100% of the BiH population.
  • Medical staff is better trained, more recognized and appreciated, and empowered to reach out to the most vulnerable population in rural areas.
  • All public indoor places are free of smoke. 

Smiling mother and child in Nigeria
Smiling mother and child in Nigeria ©SDC/Olivier Lassen

The health gap between rich and poor continues to widen. In many parts of the world, the progress that has been achieved in public health over the years is being reversed.

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